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eedama: the idea, the concept

Saturday 2 May 2015, by eedama

It all started, when a scientist and activist, Anis, encountered a teacher who shared the same environmental beliefs. Like many others, they were both aware of the importance of sustainability for a better future, yet they believed that making a difference takes more than just awareness; acting upon is for them what really mattered. Being equipped with advanced scientific skills and fine pedagogical strategies, along with their strong will in helping the next generations, they succeeded in creating the unique concept of eedama.

Anis has experience in broad audience communication with number of fellow scientists with whom he cofounded the Belgian NGO L’Heliopole. His long experience in the field taught him that children’s awareness and youth environmental education have the highest impact on life sustainability.

We do not inherit earth, we borrow it from them.

In eedama, scientists and teachers get together to develop environmental awareness in schools and communities, in a fun, educational, and interactive way. Our goal is to break down topics, which might seem complex, such as climate change or energy and pollution, into bright, creative, and accessible-by-all activities. Our dedicated and passionate team will take you on a ride above and beyond wishful thinking; understanding is a necessary step along the path, but not our desired outcome. At eedama we take you and your children to a whole new level by committing to link global issues to daily lives, at school, home, or anywhere else in the community. We will guide you in your discovery journey of simple ways that could dramatically change the current concerning environmental facts.
We will do so by helping you revisit your way of life, by creating and facilitating your critical thinking debates, as well as by leading project-based learning activities.

At eedama, we fully believe in the 4Rs

  • Revisit – How to spend well your time? What is quality time? How to balance between objects (consumption) and subjects (our loved ones)?
  • Reduce - Do you really need all this? Is it going to make you happy?
  • Recycle – What you throw away today can be the fuel of tomorrow… if it is sorted!
  • Reuse – And what if what you are about to throw could be very useful… for something new?

We are calling YOU to start taking control of your life and making a difference in your children’s one!
Together we can spread scientific knowledge for a friendly environment and a convivial lifestyle!

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